JMRAAE’s Tsagaan Agui Cave project has won First Prize among archaeological research endeavors conducted in Mongolia in 2021

On December 15-16, 2021 the annual “Mongolian Archaeologists” conference was held at Mongolian State University in Ulaanbaatar. Archaeologists from the University, the Institute of Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and various Mongolian museums reported the results of their 2021 investigations. Our JMRAAE team participated in two such presentations. Tsedendorj Bolorbat presented a synopsisContinue reading “JMRAAE’s Tsagaan Agui Cave project has won First Prize among archaeological research endeavors conducted in Mongolia in 2021”

2021 Mongolian field season began with awards!

Drs. Evgeny Rybin and Arina Khatsenovich have been awarded special diplomas by their friends and colleagues in the Stone Age Department of the Institute of Archaeology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences; a very nice surprise, indeed! We are deeply indebted to our Mongolian friends for their decades of collaboration and invaluable assistance in organizing our jointContinue reading “2021 Mongolian field season began with awards!”

Mongolian-Russian Expedition and JMRAAE resume fieldwork in Mongolia

After a hiatus of nearly two years due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and consequent international border closures and quarantines, two collaborative multinational archaeological expeditions have resumed working in Mongolia. A research team from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, SB RAS, arrived in Ulaanbaatar on 14 July 2021 after a challenging two-day journey fromContinue reading “Mongolian-Russian Expedition and JMRAAE resume fieldwork in Mongolia”

The Initial Upper Paleolithic Tolbor-21 site: a new article in Quaternary International

Our new paper Evgeny P. Rybin, Cleantha N. Paine, Arina M. Khatsenovich, Tsedendorj Bolorbat, Sahra Talamo, Daria V. Marchenko, William Rendu, Alexei M. Klementiev, Davakhuu Odsuren, Byambaa Gunchinsuren, Nicolas Zwyns., 2020. A new Upper Paleolithic occupation at the site of Tolbor-21 (Mongolia): Site formation, human behavior and implications for the regional sequence has appeared onlineContinue reading “The Initial Upper Paleolithic Tolbor-21 site: a new article in Quaternary International”

Archaeological survey in the Russian Altai Mountains

Our team visited several Paleolithic sites in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia in July 2020. We had geographical coordinates of sites investigated in the 1980s-1990s, including Maloyalomanskaya Cave and Kara-Tenesh, but, of course, those coordinates proved to be incorrect! Local people were very kind and helped us to find Maloyalomanskaya Cave, which is inContinue reading “Archaeological survey in the Russian Altai Mountains”

Arina Khatsenovich presents talk for “Down Ancient Trails”

Down Ancient Trails is an international archaeological forum organized by the Sharma Center for Heritage Education, India and supported by the Leakey Foundation. It is an online platform for specialists in archaeological sciences and anthropology to share their research. A number of headliners in archaeology gave presented talks about various subjects that they study. ShantiContinue reading “Arina Khatsenovich presents talk for “Down Ancient Trails””

Dr. Evgeny Rybin presented his Doctor Habilitatus work

As you may know, Russia follows the two-level configuration of post-Master’s higher academic degrees: Candidate of Science (generally regarded as equivalent to the Ph.D. degree offered in most countries) and Doctor of Science, the latter of which is meant to reflect the comprehensive results of long-term investigation. Evgeny Rybin has made a preliminary presentation ofContinue reading “Dr. Evgeny Rybin presented his Doctor Habilitatus work”