Tomorrow Dr. Evgeny Rybin will defend a thesis of his Dr. Habil. dissertation

December 21, 06:00 a.m. (Moscow time) Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. Event will be available online on YouTube (even after defense) in Russian Сессия диссертационного совета Института археологии и этнографии СО РАН – YouTube Evgeny Rybin will present his dissertation ” Regional variability of Initial Upper Paleolithic lithicContinue reading “Tomorrow Dr. Evgeny Rybin will defend a thesis of his Dr. Habil. dissertation”

John Olsen became an Honorary Doctor of Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS, Novosibirsk

Regents’ Professor Emeritus of University of Arizona John Olsen works with Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS since 1995. Joint Mongolian-Russian-American archaeological expedition celebrates 25 years in 2020. This Expedition investigated Tsagaan Agui and Chikhen Agui caves, Chikhen-2, discovered Tolbor valley with highest concentration of Initial & Early Upper Paleolithic sites and numerous localitiesContinue reading “John Olsen became an Honorary Doctor of Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS, Novosibirsk”

Isotopic research in Altai Mountains

Mongolia and Altai were tightly connected in Upper, and, probably, Middle Paleolithic: crossing these regions people migratated throughout Central Asia and Southern Siberia. These migrations represent human dispersal, stimulated by several causes, including climate change and animal movements. Moving from one region to another, people would take animal bones, mineral and organic raw materials, personalContinue reading “Isotopic research in Altai Mountains”

Tolbor-21 – the Initial Upper Paleolithic site: new article in Quaternary International

Our new paper Evgeny P. Rybin, Cleantha N. Paine, Arina M. Khatsenovich, Tsedendorj Bolorbat, Sahra Talamo, Daria V. Marchenko, William Rendu, Alexei M. Klementiev, Davakhuu Odsuren, Byambaa Gunchinsuren, Nicolas Zwyns., 2020. A new Upper Paleolithic occupation at the site of Tolbor-21 (Mongolia): Site formation, human behavior and implications for the regional sequence appeared online inContinue reading “Tolbor-21 – the Initial Upper Paleolithic site: new article in Quaternary International”

Archaeological survey in Altai Mountains

Our team visited several Paleolithic sites in Altai Mountains this July. We had coordinates of the sites that have been investigated in 1980-1990th – Maloyalomanskaya cave and Kara-Tenesh. Of course, these coordinates were wrong. Local people were very kind and helped us to find the cave. Site is in the good condition. One of theContinue reading “Archaeological survey in Altai Mountains”

Arina Khatsenovich gave a talk for Down Ancient Trails

Down Ancient Trails is the international archaeological forum, organized by Sharma Center for Heritage Education, India and supported by Leakey Foundation. It is the online platform for specialists in archaeological sciences and anthropology to share their research. A number of headliners in archaeology gave the talks about different subjects that they study. Shanti Pappu, theContinue reading “Arina Khatsenovich gave a talk for Down Ancient Trails”

Dr. Evgeny Rybin presented his degree work

As you know Russia keeps 2-step level of academician degree: candidate of science, an equivalent of PhD degree, and doctor of science. The last one is supposed to be the global result of long-term investigation. Evgeny Rybin has preliminary presented his doctoral dissertation “Regional variability of Initial Upper Paleolithic industries in Southern Siberia and easternContinue reading “Dr. Evgeny Rybin presented his degree work”

Updates on Mongolian field season 2020

Special comission of the Ministry of education, science, culture and sport decided to cancel forighn expeditions for this season to protect Mongolia from COVID-19. We support this decision completely. We preliminary shift excavation of Tsagan Agui to spring of 2021. It doesn’t mean that work freezed up. We are working on samples delivery to Russia.Continue reading “Updates on Mongolian field season 2020”