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•Rybin E.P., Paine C.H., Khatsenovich A.M., Bolorbat Ts., Talamo S., Marchenko D.V., Rendu W., Klementiev A.M., Odsuren D., Gillam C.J., Gunchinsuren B., Zwyns N., 2020. A new Upper Paleolithic occupation at the site of Tolbor-21 (Mongolia): Site formation, human behavior and implications for the regional sequence // Quaternary International.

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•Rybin E.P., Khatsenovich A.M., 2020.  Middle and Upper Paleolithic Levallois technology in eastern Central Asia // Quaternary International 535, 117–138.


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•Slavinsky V.S., Rybin E.P., Khatsenovich A.M., Belousova N.E., 2019. Intentional fragmentation of blades in the initial upper Paleolithic industries of the Kara-Bom site (Altai, Russia), Archaeological Research in Asia 17, 50–61.


Khatsenovich A.M., Rybin E.P., Gunchinsuren B., Olsen J.W., Shelepaev R.A., Bolorbat Ts., Zotkina L.V., Popov A.Yu., Odsuren D., 2017. New evidence for Paleolithic human behavior in Mongolia: the Kharganyn Gol 5 site // Quaternary International 442, 78-94.

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•Rybin, E.P., Khatsenovich, A.M., Gunchinsuren, B., Olsen, J.W., Zwyns, N., 2016. The impact of the LGM on the development of the Upper Paleolithic in Mongolia, Quaternary International, 425: 69-87.


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•Zwyns, N., Rybin, E.P., Hublin, J.-J., Derevianko, A.P., 2012. Burin-core technology and laminar reduction sequence in the initial Upper Paleolithic from Kara-Bom (Gorny-Altai, Siberia) // Quaternary International 259, 33–47.

•Derevianko, A.P., Xing, G., Olsen, J.W., Rybin, E.P., 2012. The Paleolithic of Dzungaria (Xinjiang, Northwest China) based on materials from the Luotuoshi Site // Archaeology, Ethnology & Anthropology of Eurasia 40, 2-18.

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