Dr. Evgeny Rybin presented his Doctor Habilitatus work

As you may know, Russia follows the two-level configuration of post-Master’s higher academic degrees: Candidate of Science (generally regarded as equivalent to the Ph.D. degree offered in most countries) and Doctor of Science, the latter of which is meant to reflect the comprehensive results of long-term investigation.

Academician A. P. Derevianko, Rybin’s dissertation advisor

Evgeny Rybin has made a preliminary presentation of his doctoral dissertation “Regional variability of Initial Upper Paleolithic industries in southern Siberia and eastern Central Asia.” The Institute’s Stone Age Department accepted his work and recommended Rybin be allowed to move forward to the final defense, to be held in December 2020.

Drs. Anton Anoikin and Arina Khatsenovich at the departmental meeting
Junior researcher Daria Marchenko at the departmental meeting

In his dissertation, Dr. Rybin has presented results of several completed and ongoing research projects, including those supported by grants from the Russian Science Foundation (19-18-00198 and 19-78-10112).

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