Updates on Mongolian 2020 field season

A special commission of the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport decided to cancel foreign expeditions in 2020 to help protect Mongolia from the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, we support this decision completely and have tentatively shifted our planned excavation of Tsagaan Agui Cave to spring, 2021.

This doesn’t mean that all our work has been put on hiatus. We are working on Mongolian samples delivered to Russia. The Mongolian members of our team will continue to work on sampling to develop an isotopic map of Mongolia. Just yesterday, the final portion of samples collected for OSL-dating was delivered to the IVPP in Beijing where our colleague, Ge Junyi has been working hard on determining the age of Paleolithic sites in the Orkhon Valley. Laboratory analyses of other samples is on-going in Novosibirsk.

Soon we will publish new updates, some of which promise to be pretty exciting!

#PaleoMongolia #archaeology #JMRAAE #fieldseason2020

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