Arina Khatsenovich presents talk for “Down Ancient Trails”

Down Ancient Trails is an international archaeological forum organized by the Sharma Center for Heritage Education, India and supported by the Leakey Foundation. It is an online platform for specialists in archaeological sciences and anthropology to share their research. A number of headliners in archaeology gave presented talks about various subjects that they study. Shanti Pappu, the coordinator of this fantastic project, invited Arina Khatsenovich to present a talk about Paleolithic studies in Mongolia on 15 July 2020.

Immediately following a survey in the Altai Mountains, Arina presented the first results of ongoing projects in Mongolia supported by the Russian Science Foundation and the Leakey Foundation.

Arina focused on the study of Final Middle Paleolithic and Initial Upper Paleolithic assemblages in Central Asia, particularly Mongolia. Excavations carried out by JMRAAE in 2018-2019 have yielded not only new lithic material, but also new a chronology based on Optically Stimulated Luminescence (radiocarbon dates are forthcoming).

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