Archaeological survey in Altai Mountains

Dr. Arina Khatsenovich near Kara-Tenesh site. Offroad.

Our team visited several Paleolithic sites in Altai Mountains this July. We had coordinates of the sites that have been investigated in 1980-1990th – Maloyalomanskaya cave and Kara-Tenesh. Of course, these coordinates were wrong. Local people were very kind and helped us to find the cave. Site is in the good condition. One of the galleries looks perspective for further excavation. We plan to take samples for OSL and 14C dating next year.

Maloyalomanskaya cave

Situation with Kara-Tenesh is less clear. Coordinates were basically correct and we found the site after 1 or 2 hours search. But the square of this site is huge and we try to understand, where the Paleolithic excvatation pit is situated. This site is the settlement of Afontovo culture, with deeply covered Paleolithic material at some parts of the site. Next year we use to excavate several test pits to detect Paleolithic layer.

Dr. Anton Anoikin at the Kara-Tenesh site

The other goal of our survey was related to search for raw material sources that ancient people, settled at the Kara Bom site, could use. Just one preliminary word – success!!! More – soon.

Dr. Evgeny Rybin testing stone raw material

We found 2 new Paleolithic sites. All of that looks promising and will keep us busy if pandemic continue.

Kara Bom site by DJI Mavic Pro

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