John Olsen became an Honorary Doctor of Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS, Novosibirsk

Regents’ Professor Emeritus of University of Arizona John Olsen works with Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS since 1995. Joint Mongolian-Russian-American archaeological expedition celebrates 25 years in 2020. This Expedition investigated Tsagaan Agui and Chikhen Agui caves, Chikhen-2, discovered Tolbor valley with highest concentration of Initial & Early Upper Paleolithic sites and numerous localities with surface material. Currently this Expedition works in Orkhon valley and Gobi desert.

John not only works as the co-director of joint expedition, but he also has long relationships with Novosibirsk scientific center in general. He tought two courses in Novosibirsk State University during the spring semester in 2018: “Principles of Archaeology” (lectures) for graduate and “Reading Archaeology” (seminars) for undergraduate students.


John makes the efforts to establish scientific collaborations between Mongolia, China, Russia and USA. He involves early career researchers to the International projects and expeditions.

Inner Mongolia, 2017

Mongolia, 2019 Tibet, 2018

Our team congratulates John with this totally deserved Honorary degree and say thanks for all his help with the field work, international collaboration, ideas and articles!

Read about event here Ученый совет Института принял решение о присуждении звания «Почетный доктор Института археологии и этнографии Сибирского отделения Российской академии наук» (

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