Bolorbat Tsedendorj

Senior Researcher

Ph.D. – Mongolian National University of Education, Ulaanbaatar, 2013 (Archaeology). Researcher in the Stone Age Division of the Institute of Archeology, MAS. He has been Senior Researcher in projects investigating Upper Paleolithic sites in northern Mongolia since 2004. As a member of the Russian-Mongolian-American team, he studied the Tolbor-4 site in 2004-2006, Tolbor-15 in 2008-2011, Kharganyn Gol-5 in 2012-2014 and Tolbor-21 in 2015-2017, collaborating with S. A. Gladyshev, E. P. Rybin and A. M. Khatsenovich. He was a CI of the Mongolian-American team, and studied the Tolbor-16 site in 2012-2016. He has directed investigations of the Tolbor-17 site in collaboration with Nicolas Zwyns since 2017. Bolorbat has participated in Mongolian-Japanese and Mongolian-French collaborative expeditions in eastern Mongolia and the Mongolian-Chinese joint expedition in 2017 and 2018 in western Mongolia. His research interests include the laminar Initial Upper Paleolithic, Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition, lithic technology, and the Pleistocene peopling of Mongolia and Asia in general. 


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