Bazargur Dashzeveg

Senior Researcher

PhD – Institute of Archaeology MAS (Archaeology). Researcher of Stone Age Division of the Institute of Archeology MAS. He is Senior researcher in the projects for investigation of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites in Northern Mongolia and North-Eastern Mongolia. He studied Egiin Gol sites and, together with Korean Paleolithic expedition, the Rashaan Khad site. He had a long-term fellowship in Seol right before PhD defence. His dissertation included new interpretation of Upper Paleolithic sites in Northern Mongolia. Since 2018 Bazargur is leading researcher in Mongolian-Russian-American projects for Middle and Upper Paleolithic investigations in Orkhon valley (Khangai Mountains) and Gobi Altai. He also does intensive work in rescue archaeology, including later periods of Prehistory. His research interests include hominin dispersals in eastern Central Asia, interractions between populations in Altai, Mongolia and Northern China in Pleistocene, lithic industries, stone raw material procurement and sedimentology as well.


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