Byambaa Gunchinsuren

Head of Department, Senior Researcher

PhD – Institute of Archaeology MAS, Ulaanbaatar (Archaeology). Head of Department of Stone Archaeology in the Institute of Archaeology MAS. He is Principal Investigator in the projects for investigation of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic sites in Northern, Central Mongolia and Gobi Altai. He was a part of Russian-Mongolian-American team back to the 1990th and participated in research of Tsagan-Agui cave, Chikhen-Agui Rockshelter, Chikhen-2 and numerous survey. Since early 2000th he is a long-time PI in Paleolithic expeditions from Mongolian side. Gunchinsuren’s research interests focus on ancient human migrations, its traces at the territory of Mongolia and first Homo sapiens appearance in Central Asia.


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