Excavations at Tsagaan Agui Cave in 2021

In September and early October 2021, the Joint Mongolian-Russian-American Archaeological Expedition carried out test excavations and sample collecting in Tsagaan Agui Cave. Tsagaan Agui (Mong. White Cave) is located in the arid Gobi Altai desert in the Altai Mountains of southern Mongolia. Geographical isolation, arid conditions and relatively high elevation (about 2000 meters asl), makeContinue reading “Excavations at Tsagaan Agui Cave in 2021”

Tomorrow Dr. Evgeny Rybin will defend a thesis of his Dr. Habil. dissertation

December 21, 06:00 a.m. (Moscow time) Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. Event will be available online on YouTube (even after defense) in Russian Сессия диссертационного совета Института археологии и этнографии СО РАН – YouTube Evgeny Rybin will present his dissertation ” Regional variability of Initial Upper Paleolithic lithicContinue reading “Tomorrow Dr. Evgeny Rybin will defend a thesis of his Dr. Habil. dissertation”

The Initial Upper Paleolithic Tolbor-21 site: a new article in Quaternary International

Our new paper Evgeny P. Rybin, Cleantha N. Paine, Arina M. Khatsenovich, Tsedendorj Bolorbat, Sahra Talamo, Daria V. Marchenko, William Rendu, Alexei M. Klementiev, Davakhuu Odsuren, Byambaa Gunchinsuren, Nicolas Zwyns., 2020. A new Upper Paleolithic occupation at the site of Tolbor-21 (Mongolia): Site formation, human behavior and implications for the regional sequence has appeared onlineContinue reading “The Initial Upper Paleolithic Tolbor-21 site: a new article in Quaternary International”

Updates on Mongolian 2020 field season

A special commission of the Mongolian Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport decided to cancel foreign expeditions in 2020 to help protect Mongolia from the Covid-19 pandemic. Naturally, we support this decision completely and have tentatively shifted our planned excavation of Tsagaan Agui Cave to spring, 2021. This doesn’t mean that all our workContinue reading “Updates on Mongolian 2020 field season”