Tolbor-21 – the Initial Upper Paleolithic site: new article in Quaternary International

Our new paper Evgeny P. Rybin, Cleantha N. Paine, Arina M. Khatsenovich, Tsedendorj Bolorbat, Sahra Talamo, Daria V. Marchenko, William Rendu, Alexei M. Klementiev, Davakhuu Odsuren, Byambaa Gunchinsuren, Nicolas Zwyns., 2020. A new Upper Paleolithic occupation at the site of Tolbor-21 (Mongolia): Site formation, human behavior and implications for the regional sequence appeared online inContinue reading “Tolbor-21 – the Initial Upper Paleolithic site: new article in Quaternary International”

Updates on Mongolian field season 2020

Special comission of the Ministry of education, science, culture and sport decided to cancel forighn expeditions for this season to protect Mongolia from COVID-19. We support this decision completely. We preliminary shift excavation of Tsagan Agui to spring of 2021. It doesn’t mean that work freezed up. We are working on samples delivery to Russia.Continue reading “Updates on Mongolian field season 2020”